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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Yesterday was frightful Friday

Well it ended up being frightful for me.  It started off well enough with sorting MIL out with her eye drops and then looking after poorly little children while Colette had some me time and had her nails done.  It's when I went out for a walk with my brother that it turned into a bit of a nightmare.  Halfway through our walk Max was attacked by another dog, not sure how but between myself and my brother we managed to get the dog off Max but was dreading what we would find.  Max ended up with two deep puncture wounds to his cheek/neck area.  The owner of the dog initially was nowhere to be seen but then came along the creek on a bike with a couple of other dogs in tow.  I'd put his dog on our lead and had told my brother to walk up to my MIL's but not before I had shown the man what his dog had done and obtained what I hoped at the time was his actual address.  I did take photos of him and the dog and because he didn't get abusive with me or just ride off I was hoping he was being genuine with me and we could sort out the vet bill with him later.

We were seen pretty quickly at the vet's who gave Max a dose of painkillers and antibiotics but said he couldn't put a stitch in the wounds as they were too deep.  The advice was to keep squeezing diluted Hibiscrub into the wound on a regular basis and also gave us more antibiotics for him to take.

I went round to see the guy later in the evening and thankfully he had given me his true address.  We have since given him a copy of the vet bill along with photos showing him the damage caused and he has come round this evening with just over half the costs apologising once again.

We are thankful that Max so far seems to be okay in himself although understandably a little nervous going out for his first walk this morning.  Our once enjoyable walk along the creek no longer holds any appeal to me and I think I am feeling incredibly anxious about going out walking with him on my own.  I know it could have been so much worse and I am so thankful I was not on my own that day but keep thinking what if..... really doesn't bear thinking about.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Waiting time stitching

This morning I had my hair cut and then took Max and my brother for a walk up to the sorting office to pick up a parcel.  Then I quickly popped into Tesco to pick up a couple of bits and called in to see how Lincoln was as he now has Chickenpox along with a touch of conjunctivitis, poor little man.  A quick lunch before picking MIL up to take her to the hospital for her cataract operation.  While that was being done I was able to enjoy working on my Starlight Santa which is my waiting time stitch.  

This is how far I got.  I am staying overnight with MIL just to make sure she is okay so I will hopefully get some more done this evening while keeping her company.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Peter Rabbit

I had to drop the car off this morning to be serviced and then I was meeting my friend Dee for a cup of coffee.  After I dropped the car off I walked into the city centre which took me just under an hour and took me past Hobbycraft.  I was too early to meet my friend so I popped inside to pass away some time.  While there I purchased a couple of Peter Rabbit cross stitch kits which one day will be stitched up for our daughter.

My friend kindly dropped me home after we'd enjoyed a couple of coffees and a browse around a couple of shops which saved me from having to catch the bus home.  I managed to add a few more stitches to the gift stitch.

Hubby walked from his workplace to collect the car which took him about half an hour, he could have caught the bus as he has a bus pass but he decided he didn't want to wait for the bus and as the sun was shining he'd make the most of it and enjoy a walk instead.

I tried to do some knitting this evening but I went wrong so gave up. I think I'll do some reading instead.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

It's a new day

The sun was shining brightly when I went over to mum and dads for breakfast this morning although it was still very cold.  My brother is down staying with them for the week so that will be nice.  We then called into see MIL after taking Max for a walk and warmed up with a cup of coffee, biscuits and a chatter.  When we left there it had clouded over and started snowing.

This was only a light covering and it is now just gone six in the evening and it has all disappeared again.  I have spent the afternoon stitching, putting all the stitches back in after yesterday's frog visited.  I believe it has been a good days stitching and I am now on the bottom section and hopefully there are no mistakes this time.  Fingers crossed if the momentum goes in my favour I might finally have my first finish of the year.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Some days....

...can be so frustrating.  The day started off pleasantly with a walk along the creek with Ian and Max.  We called in on mum and dad on our way back to drop off their wedding anniversary card.  

After lunch I decided to add some stitches to the wedding gift as the urge to stitch had finally come back.  All was going well until a couple of hours later I couldn't get the stitching to match up and that's when it became frustrating.  It turns out I had made a mistake on my previous session a few weeks ago and I ended up having to take all of today's and some of the previous session out.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  Here is where I'd got to when I showed you last.

And here is where I finally ended up today.

 Had I not made the mistake this top section would almost have been completed.  I am leaving it for today and hoping tomorrow will be better lol.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Beginners card class projects

A couple of days ago it was the beginners card class at Scrapbook Magic in Mullion.  I had seven people attend this time which is full capacity so I was very happy.  They all made one of the two card designs in the photo, a treat box and a matching tag.  I also demonstrated the various ways they could use the envelope punch board.  They made the bows for the top of the treat box,  the treat box and they were also able to make an envelope for their tag if they wanted to using the punch board.  I believe it resulted in several boards being requested so an added bonus.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Happy Mother's Day

There has been very little crafting activity this week and even making these cards for our mother's seemed like hard work.  Inspiration was very much lacking but I came across some flowers I had stamped out several months ago and decided to use them.  I believe the embossing folder I used came with a magazine and the paper from a DCWV paper pad I've had in my stash for a couple of years and shame on me had never been opened.

Work has been incredibly busy and very frustrating with a new computer system which is not particularly user friendly.  Understandably we have had many disgruntled customers who have had to wait longer for their prescriptions, but we have also had some very unnecessary rude ones too.  It was so stressful for some that one of the ladies ended up in tears and another one just walked out halfway through her shift.  I am thankful that I only have four more shifts to do but feel so sorry for the girls I am leaving behind to cope with a situation which is only going to get worse when the pharmacy manager also leaves at the end of the month.  As of yet no replacement has been made.  I am feeling mentally drained so it's no surprise that I have not had the motivation  to craft.